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Paul M. Polk
Creative Director

Paul M. Polk is the Creative Director of DL Design Chicago, Ltd. His experience in interior design spans nearly 20 years. His journey to a career in interior design is not what you would call typical. He attended law school in Cleveland, OH and spent many years in legal sales and account management. In the Fall of 2012, his parents asked for his help with the renovation of their kitchen; and, the rest, as they say, is history. 

Initially, Paul's focus was on residential design. However, an introduction to one of Chicago's largest property management companies in the fall of 2013 catapulted his career and reputation to one, where he's had the opportunity to design two lobbies on Chicago's Lake Shore Drive, a 6000 sq.ft. Clubhouse on a sprawling apartment complex, and a Beauty Bar & Salon in an affluent northern suburb. 

Paul prefers not to be defined by a singular design style. Mid-Century Modern, Urban Contemporary, and Chic Rustic are just a few of the styles he's taken on over the past five years, all having a slight edginess and a bit of the unexpected. A recent comment a colleague made about one of his commercial designs was that he wanted to "live there". Paul couldn't have said it any better as that's exactly how he wants you to feel when you walk into a space he's designed. 

Paul describes himself as an instinctual designer. As long as the finished product feels comfortable, is cohesive, looks great and, most importantly, makes his client happy, he believes he's succeeded at doing his job well. 

When asked what DL Design pledges to each of their clients, Paul easily responded with: reliability, authenticity, collaboration, excellent customer service, and a great deal of refined taste & style. 


Rob DesLaurier
Business Manager & Director of Project management

Rob DesLaurier is the Business Manager & Director of Project Management for DL Design Chicago, Ltd. He has a vast knowledge of all facets of construction, as well as years of experience in corporate management.

Rob grew up, helping his dad with DIY projects, Home renovations, and even building additions onto their homes. these experiences led to him developing a genuine love for construction and problem solving, which are essential to managing a project efficiently and successfully.

Rob's extensive career in corporate management involved working for Fortune 500 companies, such as American Express and RR Donnelley, in addition to The Boston Consulting Group, a Global Consulting Firm.

In running the business management side of DL Design, Rob's primary focus is to create and maintain a solid relationship between DL Design and their clients in an effort to make it one of the premier interior design firms in the Chicagoland area.